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WJHS 50th Reunion May 14 2016
WJHS 50th Reunion May 14 2016
50th Reunion

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Esoterics snowlady in the sand
Karen, Bill and Robin at Ocean City, MD beach
1963 football schedule
1963 football schedule on ruler
Original WJ booster button
Clubs & social groups
Elementary & junior high school groups & classes
Mrs. Tarrants 4th grade class at Wyngate. From back row left: Charles Russell, Donna Hilton, Alan Kaufman, Carl Anderson, Lisa Rubenstein, Curtis Harry, Anne Ware; (second row) Karen Nordenson, Carolyn Ronmey, Andrea Price, Elizabeth Martin, Nancy Kolb, ?
Kensington Jr. High ca. 1963
Growing up in Bethesda
Thespians & Musicians

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Tom Herron as Prince Paul with Sandy Searles as Dowager Empress Feodorovona in Anastasia.
bobby kerr and noel gale
at 40th reunion 2006
The End: Bruce Watkins, Ron Howard, Tom Herron, Joe Neurauter
Social Life & Dating

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Tom Herron & Linda Helmer
Arlene Scott WJ fashion show May 1966 - all clothing was crafted in sewing classes at WJ. Arlene made her senior prom dress.
Carolyn Tate and Alan Kaufman, Christmas party 1964
Pam Maxwell and Bill White Christmas party Dec 1964
Breakfast following the WJHS 1966 senior prom. From top of table: Jeri Lee, Joe Anderson, Pat Zimmerman, Mike Wilson, Cindy Langley, and ?, Arlene Scott, Don Piccone (WJ65)
Lillian Cox hosted a pre-prom dinner at her home. Bob Featherstone with Quay Dortch.