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WJ today
WJ today
WJ students want to hear your stories!

Here's the first one: http://www.wjpitch.com/feature/2016/04/12/how-a-wj-alum-wrote-37-years-of-history/

Last December, I met with 30+ WJ students who work on The Pitch newspaper and The Pitch Online to learn if Pitch reporters and editors would like to write about WJ alumni who graduated a half-century ago. Their answer was an emphatic Yes! But in addition to sharpening their interviewing and writing skills, Pitch staff want to speak with WJ alumni (especially former Pitch staff) who have worked as journalists or as non-journalists in communications and arts fields.
Students are interested in all professions and careers─ academia, athletics (athletes and non-athletes), biology, business, engineering, law, physics, public service, medicine and health care, arts, crafts, and performing arts, and more.
WJ66 alumni who share life experiences will enlighten today’s students about: family life, vocations, education, military and volunteer service, triumph over personal tragedy, decision making, unexpected joys and accomplishments─ just to name a few.
Please take a moment now to email me your name, contact data for the Pitch faculty advisor, and, if you wish, a story idea, such as:
  • My journey to or experience working with/as/for/on behalf of…
  • How a WJ Club/Sport/Team/Extracurricular Activity Revealed to Me…
  • This/These Teachers Made a Lasting Impression/Helped Me…
  • This, I Remember…
  • This was Important to me then; in hindsight, it really was/wasn’t significant after all.
  • My work on The Pitch/The Wind-Up/audio-visual squad/WJ musicals, plays, etc.
  • Life after WJ began when…
  • Life 50 Years after WJ
If you have worked in journalism, communications or related fields, please include a career synopsis.
In summary:
  1. The Pitch reporters will share WJ Class of ’66 stories with the today’s WJ students. The stories can appear in print or online. Interviews can be conducted in-person, or via phone or Skype. A recorded interview may be edited and posted on The Pitch Online website.
  2. Students enjoy back-in-the-day stories, i.e., high school life 50 years ago, 1966-state-of-knowledge in various disciplines, and our then-perceptions of the world overall in 1966.  For example, one Pitch staffer asked: Did your class promote school spirit? When I said “yes,” several students enthusiastically cited current school-spirit activities.
  3. You don’t need to write your stories. You just need to let a WJ student reporter interview you.
I look forward to hearing from you, and I will update you about progress in linking you, through The Pitch faculty advisor, to a student reporter. Please use “WJ66 Pitch Interview” as the email subject.  
Ron Sherrow, WJ66
WJ66 50th Reunion Committee